1 Micron 10'' Poly Spun sediment cartridge



1PS10 Poly Spun sediment cartridge (254mm long x 63.5mm dia)

Benefits of Microlene's Polyspun Melt Sediment Removal Cartridges

Polypropylene spun melt filter cartridges offer several advantages particularly in drinking, food and pure water applications. Their construction is all food grade polypropylene - no gaskets, binders, fillers, loose fibres, centre core or surfactants to be concerned about. They are extra-ordinarily clean with no extractables, meeting regulatory guidelines for use in food, pharmaceutical and potable water use. Every cartridge consists of thousands of interlocked, thermally bonded fibres. The bonding means that fibres are less likely to shift with changes in flow or pressure and therefore do not release contaminants downstream. The 1 micron cartridge has a Cryptosporidium cyst removal rating of >99%.

Drinking water, beverage industry, mineral water bottling,laboratory use, food industry, prefiltration ahead of submicron filters or Reverse Osmosis and other industrial applications where low contamination levels are needed.