1 Micron 20'' Poly Pleated sediment cartridge



1PP20 Poly Pleated Sediment Removal Cartridges 508mm long x 63.5mm dia)

Benefits of Microlene's Poly Pleated Sediment Removal Cartridges

Polyester Pleated cartridges offer practical filtration with the convenience of a cartridge filter and the economy of cleanabilty. High surface area pleated construction means longer run length, high flow rates, high dirt holding ability and low pressure drop, giving the lowest cost per litre filtered. Once the cartridge gets dirty it can be cleaned under a tap or by gentle hosing. Severe cases can be soaked in diluted acid or other cleaners, appropriate to the deposits and then rinsed. Cartridges should be sterilised prior to re-use using bleach. Reusability means that the Polyester Pleated cartridges cost less to use than disposable depth type cartridges as they can be cleaned several times before replacement is required (note: 1 & 5 micron cartridges may only be cleanable once or twice).

Drinking water, beverage industry, mineral water bottling,laboratory use, food industry, prefiltration ahead of submicron filters or Reverse Osmosis and other industrial applications where low contamination levels are needed.