1 Micron 10'' Bonded & Silver Bonded Activated Carbon Cartridges



BPAC10 Bonded & Silver Bonded Activated Carbon Cartridges

(254mm long x 63.5mm dia)

Benefits of Microlene's Bonded & Silver Bonded Activated Carbon Cartridges

The BPAC range* are drinking water cartridges constructed totally of FDA grade materials. They are a combination chlorine, taste, odour and cyst reducing cartridge made from high surface area Bonded Powdered Activated Carbon. This material has exceptional adsorption capability and is highly effective in reducing low levels of organic chemicals and THM’s. The BPAC range* cartridges have a nominal 0.5 micron sediment removal rating making them excellent polishing filters. These cartridges effectively remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts from drinking water, when they would normally be used as a point of use purifier. Complies with AS/NZ 4348 (>99.9% cyst removal). Hygiene life 6 months. The SBPAC10 cartridge is Silver impregnated to inhibit bacteria growth and remains hygienic for 1 year. Cartridge life depends on feedwater quality to some extent and a sediment removal prefilter is recommended to prevent premature clogging of the carbon’s active sites. These cartridges are suitable for use in cold or hot water service (up to 80oC). As with all carbon based cartridges this filter should be run for at least 5 minutes after installation to remove carbon fines and flushed for 20 seconds before using the water for drinking.

Drinking water, beverage industry, mineral water bottling,
laboratory use, food industry, final filtration and other
applications where low contamination levels and removal
of dissolved chemicals is needed.