10 Micron 10'' Jumbo Bonded Powdered Activated Carbon Cartridges



ACBM10J Bonded Powdered Activated Carbon Cartridges

Benefits of Microlene's Bonded Powdered Activated Carbon Cartridges

The ACBM drinking water cartridge is constructed

totally of FDA grade materials. It is an effective
combination cartridge capable of fulfilling the dual
roles of filtration and purification reducing taste,
odour, chlorine, pesticides and sediment. The material
has exceptional absorption capability and is effective
in removing low levels of organisms and THM’s.
The ACBM cartridge is made from high capacity
carbon block with a 10 micron rating. This high
porosity makes the cartridge suitable for use with
higher flow rates than conventional “canister” type
cartridges and helps prevent plugging of the pores
with sediment therefore maximising the life of the
carbon. For high sediment loadings a prefilter is
still recommended as a low cost precaution.
These cartridges are suitable for use in
cold or hot water service (up to 82oC).
As with all carbon based cartridges this filter should
be run for at least 5 minutes after installation
to remove carbon fines and flushed for 20
seconds before using the water for drinking.


Drinking water, beverage industry, mineral water bottling,
laboratory use, food industry, final filtration and other
applications where low contamination levels and removal

of dissolved chemicals is needed.